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Save money by shopping for the best electricity rates
Thu. Dec 29, 2011 11:07 PM

Texas Electric Companies have been deregulated since 2007.   I am constantly surprised how many people have had TXU as an electric provider in North Texas without comparing prices.  Although electric companies brag that they are looking out for their customers, my experience has been the opposite.  I had a 12 month plan with Reliant at a low rate, but when the contract ran out they decided to automatically switch me to a month-to-month plan.   I was paying .18¢ per kWh without knowing it, trusting that Reliant would have notified me.  By the time, I noticed I had been paying the higher price for four months.  That's when I started searching for lower electric rates.   I found companies like and which provided me with an easy tool for comparing various electric rates at once.    I suggest you visit sites as the once I've mentioned and start saving significant money each and every month.


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