Check the Restaurant Sanitary Score Before Eating Out in Irving


Irving, Texas. February 28, 2019

Most Irving residents are still unaware that the City of Irving maintains a list food establishment scores for all restaurants in the city.  Irving Weekly has made it easy to search for any restaurant in the city and see the inspection score and the date the inspection was conducted.   Users of the site can click on Business Listings to search by name or you can use this link to access the list.   The city does not require restaurants to post their scores like they do in New York City; therefore it is important for the consumer to do their own due diligence and make sure they do not experience illnesses from dirty restaurants.

After eating at any of the Irving food establishments, we also encourage you to include your rating and any comments you may have in our Business Listings.  Keep in mind that the City score is for health and cleanliness, but does not include other details such as customer service.

Below is an explanation of how the health inspection department assigns a score.

Demerits   Score
0-4 demerits (or 96 to 100) = A+ Excellent
5-10 demerits = A Very Good
11-14 demerits = B+ Good
15-20 demerits = B Satisfactory
21-24 demerits = C+ Fair
25-30 demerits = C Poor
31-40 demerits = D Mandatory Reinspection
41+ demerits = F Mandatory Reinspection

Any restaurant that scores a D or F receives a mandatory re-inspection which will result in a new score being issued.

Residents, businesses and visitors in the City of Irving may file complaints regarding health or safety issues for food establishments via email

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