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Multifamily Housing Enforcement Revitalizes Neighborhoods in Irving


Before and After Photos of Britain Way Apts

Irving, Texas. September 14, 2012

If you've driven by or live in the neighborhood where the Britain Way Apartments are located, you have noticed a very different scene.   The complex located at Shoaf Dr and Lane St, east of O'Connor Rd, has gone through a major remodeling.  

“The makeover under way at the complex is several years in the making and a national model for redevelopment projects,” said Code Enforcement Director Teresa Adrian,  “Just a few years ago, this apartment complex was an aging, dilapidated building, a Level 4. But, under the watchful eye of the Multifamily, and Building and Standards divisions of the Code Enforcement Department, it is now a nice, clean, Level 1 property we can all be proud of.”

After Code Enforcement notified the owners of substandard conditions at the Britain Way Apartments, they were purchased by Irving Britain Way Apartments LP and OM Housing Development. These companies have completed an extensive internal and external rehabilitation of the property, including:

  • Installation of new electrical system
  • Upgraded fire/carbon monoxide protection system
  • Added central heat and air, and individual water heaters
  • Replaced mechanical and plumbing systems
  • Constructed universally accessible units
  • Revitalized windows, roofs, exteriors, flooring and countertops
  • Equipped all units with Energy Star appliances

“Thanks to our Multifamily Enforcement Team’s efforts, we now have zero Level 4 [Unacceptable] multifamily developments in Irving,” Adrian said. “We are proud to say that our number of Level 1 [Above Average]  and Level 2 [Acceptable] apartments is at a five-year high. Irving stands by its goal to provide a high standard and quality of life for residents.”

"Those apartments where an eyesore in the neighborhood, there was always police activity in the area and I did not feel safe for my family, " said one resident living on Fowler St, "the new look  is impressive and will raise the home values in this area."

The City of Irving is using transformation such as the Britain Way Apartments as an example of the excellent results attained from their strong focus on multifamily housing. 

The goal of Multifamily Inspectors is to improve the quality of life for residents living in apartments, four-plexes, manufactured homes, and hotels and motels. The basis for enforcement is determined by city codes and ordinances, and is a part of the city’s Strategic Plan.

“Goal two, to nurture and promote vital, vibrant neighborhoods, encompases the city’s dedication to developing and implementing effective code enforcement strategies to reduce disorder, enhance visual appearance, and to improve overall health and safety in the city,” said Adrian. “We have been working for more than four years to turn multifamily housing in the city around.”

The Multifamily Enforcement Team works to improve the standards of living based on a four level rating system:

  • Level 1 – Above Average
  • Level 2 – Acceptable
  • Level 3 – Below Average
  • Level 4 – Unacceptable

So far, the city has worked to improve 20 multifamily units from Level 4 to either a Level 2 or Level 1.

  • Brentwood Apartments
  • Britain Way
  • Brittney Place
  • Brownstone Village (formerly The Villas)
  • Casa Bella – Phase II
  • Chivas West
  • Garden Plaza
  • Mayarka Square Apartments
  • Oak Park Apartments
  • Oak Villas – Phases I and II
  • Raible Place
  • Rayo de Sol – Phase I
  • Redbird four-plex
  • Texan Apartments
  • The Palms (formerly Kings Manor)
  • Twin Oaks
  • Villa France
  • Village at the Crossroads
  • Willowbend Apartments

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