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Irving City Manager, Gonzalez, to Receive ENMU Alumni Honor


Irving, Texas. September 25, 2012

The Alumni Association at Eastern New Mexico University will present its Outstanding Alumni Awards at the 37th Annual ENMU Foundation Breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 29, in the Campus Union Ballroom during homecoming activities. Receiving awards this year are Tommy Gonzalez, Paul A. Mapes, Richard T. Price and David F. Gregory.

Twenty-seven Homecomings ago in 1985, Tommy Gonzalez led the Greyhounds to an overtime victory on a fourth and goal pass to Alvin Harges against Texas Lutheran College. On that day, he threw for 243 yards, completing 20-38 passes. On the field, he showcased the leadership that has come to define his professional career today.

Off the field, Gonzalez demonstrates his managerial skills as city manager of Irving, Texas. Additionally, he served for 22 years in the U.S. Army Reserves. Former city manager Rick Menchaca says, “Tommy is a trailblazer in the field of city management, known for his business-like approach to public management and commitment to getting the job done.” Gonzalez oversaw the first successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma, a theory for cutting excess and optimizing resources in the workplace. Under Lean Six Sigma, the city of Irving has saved more than $38 million. More important than his professional success is family success.

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