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Ford's "Driving Dreams Tour" Comes to Irving


Irving, Texas. September 25, 2012

The Ford “Driving Dreams Tour” came to MacArthur High School in Irving ISD on Tuesday with officials announcing $21,000 worth of prizes. ”They are the future of our country, the future of our state, the future leaders of our business. So we need them to be successful,” said Jim Vella, President of the Fort Motor Company Fund. Vella said every 26 seconds a student drops out of school in the United States. In North Texas, the numbers are also staggering. In the class of 20120, an estimated 33,400 dropped out of school in the DFW area. In an effort to decrease the dropout rate, Ford decided to try something different. The company is asking students to write essays about what drives their dreams. Their reward could be a new MacBook, an iPad, even a $5000 college scholarship.

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