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Irving Teen Arrested In Connection With Dallas Murder


Bryce Cornett

Irving, Texas. September 21, 2012 – A 17-year-old Irving man was arrested in connection with the July muder in Old East Dallas.

The Dallas Police Department issued the following report, "On July 26 2012, at about 6:35 PM, at 4912 Gaston Avenue suspect, Bryce Cornett B/m/05/11/95, who sold drugs from the offense location had suspected the complainant, Michael Hendon B/m/62, of stealing a quantity of drugs from him on a prior occasion. Suspect Bryce Cornett along with a Witness was able to lure Complainant Michael Hendon back to the offense location so that he could be "dealt with". Upon Complainant Michael Hendon's arrival at 4912 Gaston Avenue, Complainant Hendon walked inside the front door of the apartment complex which is a common hallway. According to a Witness that was present at the time of the offence stated that Suspect Bryce Cornett immediately confronted Complainant Michael Hendon upon his arrival by the mailboxes. The Witness also stated that Suspect Bryce Cornett then shot Complainant Michael Hendon one time in the head and then fled the scene. Complainant Michael Hendon was transported to Baylor Hospital where he died as a result of his injuries.


Suspect Cornett was located tonight (September 21, 2012) and arrested without incident. Suspect has been booked into jail and charged with Murder."

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