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Irving Police Investigating Shooting


Irving, Texas. November 19, 2012

On November 17, just after noon, the Irving Police Department responded to the 3900 block of Grimes Rd. for a report of a shooting.

When officers arrived, they located an adult female who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The female was in the front yard area of her home and told officers that she had been shot by her husband, who was still inside their residence.

Officers attempted to make contact with her husband; however, he would not respond. Officers learned that there was another family member inside the house with the husband, but it was unclear if they were being held against their will.

Officers established a perimeter and the tactical team and negotiators were called to the scene.

Once the tactical team and negotiators arrived, numerous attempts to contact the suspect were made using a loudspeaker. The suspect did not respond; however, the other family member who was inside the residence heard the commands and came out of the house. Attempts to make contact with the suspect continued but there was no response. A tactical robot was deployed and was able to see into the house. The video from the robot showed a male lying on the floor that appeared to be deceased. Based on this information, the tactical team made entry into the residence and confirmed the male was deceased. The male appeared to have a gunshot wound and is believed to be the shooting victim’s husband.

The female victim who was transported to the hospital was in good condition. The other male who was located inside the residence was not injured.

The investigation is in the initial stages and many details are not known at this time.

Names of the involved parties are not being release until further investigation is conducted.

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