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Scientology Opens New Church in Las Colinas


Irving, Texas. April 15, 2009 – The Church of Scientology of Dallas opened its new home on Saturday to parishioners, dignitaries and their guests with Texas cowboy fanfare and with an invitation to all to find out for themselves the answer to the often asked question, “What is Scientology?”

On a sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon, the Church of Scientology in Las Colinas, in the city of Irving, welcomed more than a thousand dignitaries and visitors to the grand opening of its new Church of Scientology.
“We are very happy about our move to Irving,” said Dallas Church President Mr. Arlo Ihrig. “This central location, makes it possible for us to reach out to more communities and to extend our help across a broader range of demographics in Dallas county and beyond.” The Church of Scientology of Dallas administers Scientology activities for northern Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

Mayor Herbert Gears opened the speeches welcoming the Church to Irving. In reference to the Church’s social betterment programs offered to all citizens of his city the Mayor stated, “When it comes to our priority for community health care, your drug prevention and education campaign could not be more relevant and appreciated.”

Ms. Teddie Story, the president of Irving Cares said, “When I first met you and was introduced to your humanitarian programs, I saw in these a new level of hope for the future of this City.” 

Reverend James McLaughlin, from the First AME Church said, “I have come to know Scientologists over the last seven years, working shoulder to shoulder with other faiths, races and people of all walks of life.  And I say God bless the city of Irving for being so lucky as to be home to this new Church of Scientology.”

The Texas House of Representatives acknowledged the occasion with a proclamation commending the Church of Scientology for its programs.
The new Church of Scientology of Dallas represents more than four decades of growth of Scientology in Texas since the first Church of Scientology was founded here in 1967. 
The new Church of Scientology of Dallas is a reflection of the world scope of Scientology today, which comprises nearly 8,000 churches, missions and groups across 164 nations. Each is dedicated to achieving the Aims of Scientology – including a world without war, without insanity and without criminality, where the able may prosper and all are free to rise to greater heights.
Other new Scientology Churches recently opened include Berlin, London, Madrid, Malmö, New York, San Francisco and Johannesburg. 

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