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Consumer Electronics Show


Irving, Texas. January 10, 2013

If you are a soccer fan, the World Cup is your ultimate event. If you are a football fan, The Super Bowl is the must see event. Well, tech-fans also have their yearly super day. It is called: CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Each year the best of the best and hundreds of up-and-coming tech companies compete for being the buzz of the year in an expo that dwarfs a visit to your local electronics superstore.

This year was not the exception. From Acer to Zenith, you will find that there are always note-worthy tech goodies that may very well make your list of favorites. So, what are the first tech items to be showcased in this year’s CES, held at 3.2 million sq. ft. Las Vegas Convention Center?

The buzz at this year’s CES is such that entertainment’s greatest stars will have you wondering whether this is a red carpet for the Oscars or an international tech show. A few stars that will be present are the following: Actress Felicia Day, Maroon 5,, 50 Cent, L.L. Cool J., Ludacris, Dr. Oz, and Danny DeVito, to name a few. Have we got your attention yet?

Here is the official launch video of this Year’s CES. Enjoy and don’t forget to fill us in on what your favorite CES tech candy favorite is!

Official CES page:

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By Danny Alvarez

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