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Irving Family Involved in Fatal Car Crash; 3 Children Killed


Scene at the accident

Irving, Texas. January 29, 2013

A Sunday afternoon car crash on Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie has claimed a third fatality from the accident. 

The Gonzalez family, from Irving, was headed west on I-30.  Grand Prairie police received a 911 call reporting a car had stalled in the westbound lanes about 1:50 p.m. Sunday but the 2004 Dodge Stratus was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup before police arrived.

According to a Grand Prairie Police release, Juan Gonzalez got out of the car to wave away traffic while his wife, Maria Vasquez, and four children remained in the car. 

Justin Beavers, 30, from North Richland Hills, struck the family’s car from behind with his Ford F150 pickup.  Beavers was changing lanes and didn’t see the stalled car in time to stop.  According to Police spokesman Eric Hansen the truck driver did not any time to react after seeing the stalled car.

Maria Gonzalez-Refugio, 12, was pronounced dead less than an hour after the accident near Texas 161. Her sister, Diana Gonzalez, 13, died Sunday night at the hospital.

6-year-old Jesus Gonzalez was in critical condition and taken to  Cook Children’s Hospital at the time of the accident.   Unfortunately, Jesus was taken off life support Monday night, claiming the third victim from this horrible accident.

Maria De Jesus Gonzalez, 10, is still in critical condition at Cook Children’s Hospital.

The investigation has revealed that thirty-one-year-old Maria Francisca Vasquez, the mother of all four children, was driving the vehicle without a license, and the children were in the back seat without their seat belts fastened. Vasquez sustained minor injuries and accompanied the children to the hospital.

The collision is still under investigation by The Grand Prairie Police Department.



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grace 5 years ago

This is such a terrible tragedy and to seat there and point fingers is not the time nor the place to blame the mother.We have so many people driving in or streets every single day so that doesn't make you than the people that kill other people during a car wreck.The person driving the truck should be getting seen at who doesn't see a non moving car in bared daylight who must have not been paying attention to what he was doing ancd even worse driving with a driver's license.There was three children killed this weekend and the driver from the the truck should be charged.Its not right for people to pay for someone's else's mistakes the car broke down and there was nothing else that family could had done we see car like that all the time on the freeway so does that mean they should get hit from behind.
Lb123 5 years ago

I completely feel that the mother not having a driver's license is relevant to this article. I would assume that her not having the training and licensing to safely operate a vehicle contributed to these deaths. How does a car stall and come to s complete stop in an active lane of traffic when the posted speed limit is at least 65 MPH? A stalled vehicle doesn't come to an immediate stop and a competent, licensed individual would have pulled the car per for safety reasons. And for heavens sake, I would also assume a competent, licensed individual would ensure their CHILDREN are buckled! Look, if you not have a driver's license is okay, then me my having my concealed gun license is okay. Both kill.
Hector 5 years ago

very sad!!!
er1125 5 years ago

I find it stupid, tasteless and poor journalism to even mentioning the status of the mother, who not only was the victim of a reckless driver, but whom also lost THREE (and possibly 4, all, her childre).......... this "reporter" should take some sensitivity classes!
rusti 5 years ago

The woman in this article has three dead children and one in critical condition. I fail to see that it is crucial to the story to announce that she was driving without a license. Actually, at the point of impact, the car was supposedly stalled, so no one was driving at the moment.
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