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Irving City Council Annouces Reappointments to Irving Flood Control District Section 3 Board of Directors


Irving, Texas. January 18, 2014

Chris Wallace and William Correa have been reappointed to the Irving Flood Control District Section III (IFCD 3) board of directors by the Irving City Council.  The reappointment, made at the council’s January 9th session, was unanimous.

Wallace, who serves as the Board’s vice president, is president and CEO of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce. Correa, IFCD 3’s treasurer, is CEO of Paragon Project Resources, Inc. The council’s reappointment extends both of their terms on the IFCD 3 board until January of 2016.

“Chris and William have been actively involved in the Valley Ranch community for many years and bring tremendous value to IFCD 3,” said Kim Andres, Irving Flood Control District Section III president. “Their professional knowledge and experience align closely with the District’s technical mission and focus on providing flood control facilities and services within the Valley Ranch community.  Our board is appreciative of the city council for their reappointment of these two individuals.”

Wallace and Correa will continue to serve with other members of the IFCD 3 board of directors, working with Kim Andres, IFCD 3 board president; Chris Calvery, IFCD 3 board secretary and; Dr. Mazhar Islamraja, IFCD 3 board member at large.

About Irving Flood Control District Section III

Irving Flood Control District Section III (IFCD 3) is responsible for providing flood control facilities and operations and preserving the high quality of life provided in Valley Ranch. The District safeguards people and enhances the economic value of property by constructing and maintaining canals, ponds and other natural water management facilities throughout the community. A publicly funded organization, IFCD 3 is led by a five-member board appointed by the Irving City Council. District board members are committed to serving their fellow residents of Valley Ranch in an efficient, effective and transparent manner. For more information about IFCD 3 and its facilities and activities, please visit

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