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What’s to become of the old Texas Stadium site in Irving?


Irving, Texas. January 24, 2014

After years of sitting undeveloped and long removed from the sounds of cheering NFL crowds, the 90 acres that once housed Texas Stadium are closer to being redeveloped. But details are sparse on what could be the fate of the former home of the Dallas Cowboys, which is why the City of Irving and San Diego-based development firm Oliver McMillan are preparing to host a public charette - a review of potential projects for the land - with local business leaders and architecture experts.

“We are interested to see what they come up with as a team,” Mayor Beth Van Duyne told the Dallas Business Journal. “I’m interested in some high-end retail, mixed-use and residential components. I’d love to see a recreation component that could bring families into this live-work-play environment.”

The recreation or entertainment aspect likely would have a tie-in to families, which would differentiate itself from the proposed entertainment center, she told me.

The land is currently being used to house highway construction materials.

“We have had almost a decade to look at this spot, and I don’t think we’re too far off,” Van Duyne told me. “I haven’t heard any ideas too dissimilar at council.”

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