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Code Department Rids Irving’s Most-Traveled Corridors of Clutter


Irving, Texas. February 25, 2014

Nearly 7,500 temporary signs were removed from Irving streets last year. Keeping corridors clean and clutter free remain a key focus area for 2014.

According to the code enforcement data, one of the most frequent code violation observed on major thoroughfares is the illegal placement of temporary signs. To maintain roadways free of unsightly debris, code enforcement regularly patrols major thoroughfares to expedite the removal of temporary signs on poles, trees, parkways and in medians. In FY 2012–13, nearly 7,500 temporary signs were removed.

“I’ve heard a lot of great comments from residents and business leaders who have noticed how Code Enforcement has worked to enhance and improve the visual appearance of our city in recent years,” said Mayor Pro Tem Gerald Farris. “Code Enforcement’s proactive and ongoing efforts to keep Irving’s gateways, corridors, intersections and neighborhoods clean says to residents and visitors that we care about our city, and that makes a tremendous impact.”

Fortunately, the commitment to keeping Irving clean and clutter-free is shared by multiple groups and organizations. Allies for a clean and clutter-free city include community service workers, residents, the Litter Abatement Team and Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB). Accomplishments in the past year include the sponsorship of 76 green events, cleanups, beautifications and school events with KIB.

Community service workers spend supervised hours on a weekly basis performing cleanup projects in areas in need of attention. The Litter Abatement Team is responsible for the management of abandoned grocery carts and scattered debris. Keep Irving Beautiful has been consistently galvanizing a strong volunteer base to help with multiple cleanup projects throughout the year. Last year, KIB volunteers donated 3,200 hours to collect 16,655 pounds of refuse and 4,400 pounds of recyclables.

In the past year, 81 percent of violations were proactively identified by code officers. However, resident reports of violations observed in neighborhoods are very helpful to city staff. When residents report issues, pick up litter in their respective neighborhoods or join community cleanup projects, they become partners in maintaining Irving’s visual appearance.

Residents are encouraged to report excessive litter on public thoroughfares to the city’s 24-hour Litter Hotline at (972) 721-5487. Other code issues, such as illegal signage, should be reported to(972) 721-4929. For more information or to learn more about the city’s Code Enforcement Department, visit

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