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Police Focus on Southwest Irving


Irving, Texas. February 25, 2014

Police and community members are celebrating the positive impact achieved by the success of the Belt Line Northgate Initiative (BNI). In an 18-month period, from April 2012 to October 2013, the BNI unit helped realize a 20 percent reduction in crime during the first year of operation resulting in 55 percent fewer offenses in the targeted area. Other successes achieved by the BNI unit include being nationally recognized as Rookies of the Year for hosting the city’s largest National Night Out event, receiving the Chief’s Unit Award and providing several community outreach programs for the residents of Irving.

Aiming to replicate the success achieved in the Belt Line Road and Northgate Drive area, the unit has been reassigned to southwest Irving and will focus on the area surrounding Esters Road and Airport Freeway. Given the new focus area, the name of the unit has been changed to the Patrol Problem Solving Unit (PPSU).

Despite the name change, goals for the PPSU are the same: decrease crime, reduce calls for police service and bring a greater sense of community to the area.

The original problem solving unit was formed seven years ago in the Community Services Division. The BNI Unit found its successes by combining community outreach and nontraditional crime eradication methods with traditional patrol tactics. To balance efficiency with effectiveness, the Police Department merged the units into the new PPSU.

“The underlying premise of the original group was to have a group of police officers dedicated to community outreach and nontraditional crime eradication strategies that would augment traditional police services already in place,” said Public Information Officer John Argumaniz. “The unit’s tactics proved successful and resulted in substantial crime rate reductions in several neighborhoods throughout the city including the Walnut Hill corridor, Tudor Lane and the area of Irving Heights and Irving Boulevard.”

The new focus area was selected based on Part I crimes and calls for service data. The Patrol Problem Solving Unit includes Sergeant Michael Sabre, and Officers Robbi Cline, Robert Reeves, Bennie Bazley, Jeremy Johnston and Kevin Goodman (pictured above). For more information about the Irving Police Department, visit

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