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Irving ranked No. 2, behind Laredo, in cities with the Best Post-Recession Recovery


Irving, Texas. July 31, 2014

The study, conducted by personal finance social media network WalletHub, evaluated the progress of local cities in propelling their economic growth. Irving ranked No. 9 in the economic environment rank and No. 3 in the employment and earning opportunities putting Irving at a No. 2 overall rank.

WalletHub compared the 150 largest U.S. cities to identify those that have experienced the most and least improvement since the recession. Using 18 key metrics — from the inflow of college-educated workers and number of new businesses to unemployment rates and home price appreciation — WalletHub examined how each city has evolved economically in the past several years.

Since 2008, 13 municipalities have filed for bankruptcy. With Detroit’s bankruptcy trial approaching, and many other cities still struggling to recover from the Great Recession

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