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Irving Police is Searching for the Violent Purse Snatchers


Irving, Texas. August 8, 2014

Irving police asks for help. This, after a purse snatching incident in June, led to a business break-in.

Police affirmed it was a calculated crime. Now, they're releasing surveillance video hoping to catch those responsible for the crime.

"By all indications, she was targeted," said Officer James Mclellan.

Officers said a jeweler was followed from the supermarket to her Arlington home. There, she was attacked and her purse was violently taken from her.

"During the struggle, he did threaten to kill her and her niece," explained Mclellan.

Not even two hours later, surveillance video showed the suspected thieves at the supermarket, casing the store. In the video one suspect is shown unlocking the door, possibly using stolen keys. After a market manager asked them what they were doing they ran away. Nothing was stolen from the store.

The video cameras also captured two cars: an older Toyota 4runner and possibly a Nissan Altima. Police are interested in talking to the drivers.

Irving Police is concerned the two thieves could strike again.

"The greater concern was the robbery that occurred in Arlington, the risk to her safety, and the potential for something worse to have happened there. That's really the bigger concern," he said.

The victim, off camera, said she has been traumatized by the incident, and can't stop thinking about it, hoping for an arrest.

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