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YMCA is Teaching Free Swim Classes At Apartment Pools


Irving, Texas. August 15, 2014

YMCA is finishing up its summer of teaching basic pool safety at apartment complex swimming pools throughout the metroplex. The swim lesson outreach program called Make a Splash provided free swim lessons at low-income apartment communities.

Jessican Pewitt, associate vice president of aquatics at YMCA, said that many times children are left unsupervised in apartment communities around swimming pools. Pewitt also said drowning is the leading cause of death for preschoolers.

Irving resident Humberto Juarez took advantage of the free class at his apartment pool. He was satisfied and believes the lessons are helpful for the children.

Swim instructors taught basic skills to students at more than 130 pools across the metroplex this summer. Pewitt said according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 88 percent of drownings could be prevented if children took formal swim lessons.

This program began in 2010 and has been growing every summer ever since.

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