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Back to School 101: OrthoCARE's Dr. Nere Onosode Provides Foot and Ankle Tips to Keep Kids Healthy


Irving, Texas. August 21, 2014

IRVING, TEXAS (August 21, 2014)… With the new school year right around the corner, parents nationwide are busy buying school supplies, figuring out their new schedules, taking last-minute family vacations and participating in other activities to help their children prepare. During this hectic time, Dr. Nere Onosode, a foot and ankle specialist with OrthoCARE and a father, says one of the best things parents can do is a physical assessment before the school year is in full swing.
"It may seem like an inconvenience, especially at such a busy time, but it can make a world of difference for your child. It can help relieve minor aches and pains, which will enable them to start the school year off right and help prevent bigger problems down the road," notes Dr. Onosode. "That's not to say that every child needs a full physical, but at least ask your children how they're feeling and examine them head to toe for warning signs. If you find anything suspicious or aren't sure where to begin, talk with your children's doctor."
Dr. Onosode says a few warning signs that are not normal for school-aged children and might indicate a foot or ankle problem include:
    • Flat feet – once they're of school age, children will not outgrow this problem. Not correcting it only leads to further complications as they grow. Within this age group, a lack of symptoms – like pain – is not a reliable indicator of flat feet. It is imperative to examine each foot individually to ensure neither one is flat.
    • Lower extremity pain – within this age group, lower extremity pain is an indication of a larger problem and should never be dismissed simply as growing pains.
    • Abnormally high or low arches – a foot and ankle specialist can recommend a custom orthotic to help relieve pain, correct problematic gait patterns and prevent further damage.
    • Tiring easily – in general, exercise is recommended. It helps improve posture, strength, balance and coordination. However, when children seem to tire easily during exercise or play, or they trip and fall regularly, they should be examined for gait disturbances.
    • Uneven wear on their shoes – this can be an indication of a variety of foot/ankle problems. Examine each shoe for wear and discuss any abnormalities with a professional.
The doctor also recommends having children's feet measured at the start of each semester or more often if shoes get tight or uncomfortable, since children's feet change in shape/size as they grow. 

"Have their feet measured at the end of the day if possible, because our feet tend to swell during the day and are at their largest then. Also, be sure to have both feet measured since most people have one foot that's larger than the other," says Dr. Onosode.

If purchasing new shoes, Dr. Onosode suggests exploring products with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance/Approval. The American Podiatric Medical Association is a non-biased, third-party and the leading resource for foot and ankle health information. It only grants seals to products that are found to promote good foot health.

"Before you buy, have your children try them on to make sure they feel right. Although they may be the right size based on the measurements, each shoe is different and may vary based on the type, brand or materials. They shouldn't feel overly tight or loose, and the ball of their foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe," explains Dr. Onosode.
An affiliate of Lumin Health™ in Irving, Texas, OrthoCARE™ specializes in foot and ankle care; sports medicine; and general orthopedics, including knees, hips, elbows, fingers, shoulders and more. Led by Dr. Nere Onosode and Dr. Reggie Alexander, the OrthoCARE team assists patients with a wide variety of comprehensive orthopedic needs. OrthoCARE has locations in Dallas, Frisco, Irving and Plano. The practice is associated with Star Medical Center, a new surgical hospital in Plano, and SpineCARE™, a nationally acclaimed spine center with 10 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For more information, call 1-888-600-6474 or visit, or

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