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Labor Day Weekend


Irving, Texas. September 3, 2014


Irving, Texas - The Irving Police Department conducted DWI No-Refusal Operations over the Labor Day holiday weekend. The department partnered with area law enforcement agencies and the Texas Department of Transportation to provide manpower whose primary focus was to locate and arrest impaired drivers. The operations took place on Friday, August 29th and Saturday, August 30th by means of a grant from TxDOT. During the No-Refusal operations, those arrested for DWI were only offered a blood test to determine the alcohol concentration in their bloodstream. If the arrested person refused consent to a blood draw, a search warrant was obtained in order to lawfully acquire the blood sample.

A total of 11 DWI and one DUI Minor arrests were made over the weekend. Additionally, officers made 5 non-DWI related arrests and issued 35 citations.

The Irving Police Department will continue to participate in these grants as they have shown continued success in Irving and across the state.

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