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Irving ISD Students Headed to State FCCLA Contest


Irving, Texas. February 20, 2017

Sixty-four Irving ISD students qualified for the state Family, Career and Community Leaders of America conference, to be held April 6-8 at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel.

Irving High School

  • Applied Math in Culinary Management Senior: 1. Natalie Albert, Haleigh Gardner and Jordyn Stanley (each student received $3,500 scholarship)
  • Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Occupational: 1. Laurel Beaver; 3. Alondra Abrego, Louren Lopez and Jennifer Mijares
  • Focus on Children Occupational: 3. Moncerrat Barrios, Kassandra Olivo and Roxana Quintanilla
  • Focus on Children Junior: 3. Tania Alvarez, Leslie Audelio and Jesel Reyes
  • Life Event Planning Occupational: 4. Chelsea Geiger and April Lopez
  • Life Event Planning Junior: 5. Jose Santiesteban and Jonnalys Soto

MacArthur High School

  • Cupcake Battle Occupational: 1. Precious Williams (student received $3,000 scholarship); 3. Aubree Jones (student received $1,500 scholarship)
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Senior: Wereba Hamde; 2. Kristian Garcia, Jacqueline Portillo and Jenny Ramirez; 5. Thomas Everett, Subhanna Taveras and Johnathan Vasquez

Nimitz High School

  • Applied Math for Culinary Arts Occupational: 1. Eduardo Escalante, Matthew Redpinning and Sabrina Pena
  • Serving Up Success: 2. Carla Cruz; 3. Dunyae Smith
  • Life Event Planning Occupational: 3. Abby Hernandez and Katie Maberry; 5. RiZhane Bridges and Jessica Belman
  • Cupcake Battle Occupational: 4. Andrew Munoz
  • Focus on Children Junior: 5. Anthony Nguyen and Aeric Buchannan

Singley Academy

  • OS Food Innovations: 1. Juan Altamirano, Kevin Landin and Inseya Mughal (each student received $3,000 scholarship)
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation: 2. Stephanie Guerrero, Nicole Nammeechai and Abelardo Villegas (each student received $3,000 scholarship)
  • OS Entrepreneurship: 1. Hope Cachay, Victoria Martinez and Eileen Romero; 2. Jocelin Garcia and Janie Lopez
  • JR Entrepreneurship: 1. Trevor Ellenbecker and Jared Shrode
  • JR Life Event Planning: 1. Celeste Gonzalez, Yvette Ramirez and Tyoni Young; 4. Ashley Barcenas, Zoe Lass and Kayla Valentine
  • OS Sports Nutrition: 1. Giselle Flores, Fernando Jacobo and Luis Perez; 4. Christian Carbajal and Anahi Valerino
  • OS Career Investigations: 2. Suahana Ganchi
  • OS Nutrition and Wellness: 3. Adrianna Kalakone

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