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School Superintendent Addresses Possible Protest Rumors in Irving


Irving, Texas. February 20, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As you may be aware, there have been social media posts circulating that suggest there could be a series of political protests this week throughout our community.

Our priorities in Irving ISD are:

1) to maintain a safe learning environment and

2) to provide quality instruction to help your son or daughter reach his or her maximum potential.

Today is a scheduled student holiday, but other than that, this week will be business as usual for us in Irving ISD. Our teachers are prepared to teach from bell to bell, and our school administrators will provide the appropriate leadership and structure needed to ensure learning is taking place in our classrooms. As with any school day, our administrators will appropriately address any disruption to the learning process.

Regardless of your personal views on current events, I think we can all agree that education must be a priority, students need to feel safe, and that all students deserve to receive the best education imaginable. That’s possible when students arrive to school on time and are in class learning every day. We appreciate the support from parents and community members on this matter. While we understand that some students and families may have concerns for various reasons, I want to assure you that school is a safe place for your child.

For students who choose to violate the dress code and/or the Student Code of Conduct, there will be consequences. On Friday, February 17, a few high school students intentionally activated fire alarms at Irving High, MacArthur High, Nimitz High and Singley Academy which resulted in several evacuations. The students involved in activating the fire alarms are now facing discipline at school as well as legal consequences for a felony-level offense.

Please talk with your son or daughter about the serious nature of these offenses and encourage them to maintain focus on their classwork while in school. In addition, students and staff should always immediately report if they observe anything that could indicate a potential threat to safety.  That information should be reported to a school administrator or the police so that precautions can be taken right away. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your support of Irving ISD.


Jose L. Parra, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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