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Irving Tudor Lane Transformation Earns National Recognition


Irving, Texas. March 9, 2017

The National Community Development Association (NCDA) has announced its decision to award the 2017 Audrey Nelson Community Development Award to the City of Irving, Texas for the redevelopment of Tudor Lane. Once one of Irving’s highest crime areas, Tudor Lane now consists of 27 new homes where families and children live safely.

Beginning in 2009, multiple city departments and a concerned community tackled a number of issues in the area around Tudor Lane. Using a combination of federal, state and local funds, the City of Irving partnered with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the Irving Housing Finance Corporation, Irving Community Development Corporation, and Bear Creek Development Corporation to invest nearly $7 million. With the funding, they acquired and demolished the existing dilapidated buildings and redeveloped Tudor Lane. The initiative resulted in 27 new, affordable energy‐efficient homes.

NCDA recognizes outstanding uses of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and partnerships between local governments and nonprofit organizations to assist low and moderate‐income persons. Audrey Nelson was the first Deputy Executive Secretary of NCDA.

“The redevelopment of Tudor Lane has truly transformed an entire neighborhood. The positive impacts of this initiative will benefit these 27 families and the surrounding area for decades to come. Tudor Lane is a great example of how the federal, state and local governments can collaborate with local nonprofits and homebuilders to address significant community needs and improve the lives of many. We hope this project continues to serve as a catalyst for similar projects in this area,” said Steven A. Reed, Planning and Community Development Director.

“On behalf of the City of Irving, I am pleased to accept this award and thankful for the NCDA and their recognition of exemplary work.”

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