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New Stores Open in Irving Mall


Irving, Texas. May 27, 2009 – Irving Mall has lost many stores due to the economy, most recently Circuit City closed its doors.

Even in these troublesome times, new businesses are attempting to start up and the Irving Mall is benefiting with several new specialty retailers recently opening their doors, offering shoppers a new selection of retail offerings and services.

Here is a list of new stores:
  • A+ School Uniforms
  • As Seen on TV
  • Royal Massage
  • Cancun Market Posh Avenue
  • Super Store
  • Sassy II are all open for business, offering shoppers a new selection

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dsirk32 9 years ago

We have been living in Irving for at least 10 years and we have not seen the Irving Mall as empty of stores as it is now. And yes...I agree that the economy has everything to do with this. But we do like the new stores such as the Superstore. We were watching our dish tv approximately 2 months ago and we saw an ad for the Superstore. We love the great deals on the budget-friendly clothing and shoes.
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