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Man Arrested for Voter Fraud in Dallas


Irving, Texas. July 15, 2017

The Dallas Police Department made its first arrest in the West Dallas Voter Fraud case Wednesday.

"I applaud the great work by Dallas Police Department and District Attorney Faith Johnson’s office for indicting Miguel Hernandez in the West Dallas Voter Fraud case. His indictment further proves voter fraud is a real issue for Texans," said Chairman Phillip Huffines. "Our right to vote is our biggest asset in the pursuit of Liberty, and any individual who steals that right from any American citizens should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I look forward to Special Session where Governor Abbott has named voter fraud a key issue."

Miguel Hernandez has been associated with "Jose Rodriguez," the anonymous figure accused of assisting in over 700 mail-in ballots. Hernandez is currently only accused of one count of illegal voting.

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