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Travis Middle School Teacher Releases Third Childrens Book


Irving, Texas. July 31, 2017

After years of changing the narrative voice in her book, award-winning teacher and children’s author Pia Pulido releases ​Camilla the Chameleon ​ with M&P Creative, a home-based creative development studio she runs with her husband, Michael Pulido, a content developer and music producer.  

M&P Creative, a creative development studio that offers music lessons, business solutions, writing workshops, recording studio production, and copywriting services kicked off Camilla’s release today for pre-order sales.  

“Camilla is a very special character,” says Michael Pulido, owner and operator of M&P Creative. “All throughout the development process, Camilla served as an inspiration to our twelve year-old daughter. In addition, we are confident that other young women, especially women in business, will also be inspired by her.” 

“Camilla is an example of someone struggling with going through changes and finding her way to be comfortable in her own skin through the entire process,” says Pia Pulido. “I’ve gone through my own personal transformation as I train and condition myself to become more physically active and mentally stronger.”  

Pia Pulido recently completed her first half-marathon and received a Teacher of the Year award from her campus. She is preparing for her 14th year of teaching this fall.

To pre-order copies of her book, click here: ​ 

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