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North Lake College Students Selected as 2017-18 Muse Scholars


Irving, Texas. August 23, 2017

Three North Lake College (NLC) students, Kelechi Etoh, Hai Nguyen and Rupesh Pokharel, were selected among 11 recipients of the 2017-18 Muse Scholars Program. 

The Muse Scholarship program was created and funded in 2005 by Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Foundation supporters Lyn and John Muse following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and it pays tuition and books for up to six consecutive semesters. The scholarship is open to new high school graduates and students currently enrolled at one of the DCCCD’s colleges. 

Students are chosen based on their academic work, community contributions, determination and motivation to succeed. Each recipient from North Lake is an active volunteer in the community and is a member of at least one of the honor societies on campus. 

“One of my major achievements is to know that my academic efforts paid off,” NLC student Kelechi Etoh stated. “It’s something I will talk about for the rest of my life.” 

“I feel very honored because it is a competitive process,” recipient Rupesh Pokharel said. “Since a lot of students apply, I tell new applicants to try even harder and to not give up on their goals.” 

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