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Irving Student Invents New Tool for Electricians


Irving, Texas. November 9, 2017

When you're walking through an airport, do you ever think about the amount of electricity it takes to power such a massive hub like DFW? Probably not, but Clifton, a senior at Cardwell Career Preparatory Center in Irving, thinks about it every day as he is one of the many individuals who literally helps keep the lights on.

Clifton works at DFW Airport for Real Network Services and this real-world experience inspired him to invent a new electrician’s tool.

Named the CWC Pliers, his three-in-one tool is designed to increase job efficiency and workplace safety by reducing the number of times an electrician switches tools. Clifton was named one of three finalists out of thousands of designs in the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge and plans to use his winnings to secure a patent for the pliers.

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