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Foster an Animal During the Holidays


Irving, Texas. December 6, 2017

Irving Animal Services (IAS) is looking for a few superheroes to save the day — and a few lives along the way.

By becoming a foster superhero, individuals and families can provide an animal with a comfortable, loving home to grow and/or heal, while leaving room at the shelter for another that is ready for adoption. In addition, these foster superheroes do wonders for the morale of IAS staff and volunteers, while helping spread the positive message of successful animal adoptions from the Irving Animal Care Campus (IACC).

Why Foster?

Foster care can give animals a second chance at adoption. Foster superheroes provide special care for animals in need — those too young and those sick or injured — with an environment where they can grow, rest and recover. By opening their homes, foster superheroes provide these animals the loving care and attention they need, away from the stress of the shelter that can deplete their already compromised immune systems. Typical foster cases include:

  • A mother and her litter.
  • Weaned kittens and puppies that need to grow or gain weight before they are adoptable.
  • Orphaned babies that need bottle-feeding.
  • Animals needing recovery time from sickness or surgery.
  • Animals that need some socialization and training.

In addition, the time spent away from the shelter can provide valuable insight into an animal’s personality, allowing the pet to blossom under loving care. The feedback fosters can provide a potential adopting family is invaluable and can be a deciding factor in making a great adoption match.

The more animals fostered, the more lives saved! All foster superheroes need to do is bring their love. IAS offers fosters everything from formula, food and medical care to leashes, collars and crates. For those who cannot make the commitment to adoption or fostering, IAS has an Amazon Wish List where people can donate items for the animals and foster program. Visit for details.

Holiday Fostering

The holidays can be a lonely time at the animal shelter, and those interested in becoming a foster superhero can get started through a special holiday fostering program. During the IACC’s Foster for the Holidays, residents can open their homes and give shelter animals a warm bed and some social interaction from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3.

Foster for the Holidays gives dogs and cats an opportunity to spend some time in a home environment, as the IACC typically sees a major drop in traffic over the holidays. It also provides some holiday relief to shelter staff and volunteers, as they have fewer animals to care for during that time.

Foster for the holidays can help an individual considering adoption to determine if a pet is a good fit for their home and lifestyle. Interested? Contact Animal Services at (972) 721-2256 for more information. Following the fostering period, foster superheroes have the option of adopting the pet. 

December Events at the IACC

  • Through Jan. 2: Comfort and Joy Donation Drive - donate needed items for the animals at the shelter.
  • Dec. 19-23: Home for the Holidays - all animals $15 to adopt that week.
  • Dec. 23-Jan. 3: Foster for the Holidays - pets placed in temporary foster homes during the holidays give them a break from the stress of the shelter environment.

Visit the calendar page at for details on these and other upcoming events.

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