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In Wake of #MeToo, TAASA Releases Assault Prevention Guidelines


Irving, Texas. January 10, 2018

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault released guidelines this month designed to help institutions and schools focus on sexual harassment prevention strategies.

“We reached a turning point in 2017, and we find ourselves asking, ‘What’s next?’’ said TAASA Executive Director Rose Luna. “If we are going to end sexual violence, we cannot rely on the same policies and prevention approaches that have brought us to this point.”

In a white paper titled, “Assessing Sexual Harassment Response and Prevention Strategies After #MeToo,” TAASA outlines holistic sexual harassment prevention strategies, with an emphasis on key areas including leadership, policy, and training.

Leadership is the true cornerstone of sexual harassment prevention, the organization says, and harassment is more likely to continue without a demonstrated commitment to eliminating it. 

Clear policies prohibiting harassment must be supported by managers and staff, and must be accompanied by accessible evidence-based training, sufficient resources, proactive steps to eliminate risk factors, multiple and easily accessible avenues for reporting, a process to protect against retaliation, and assurances that the organization will take immediate and proportionate action if harassment is found to have occurred. 

“The anti-discrimination policies many institutions have in place are necessary, but not sufficient, to end harassment and abuse,” Luna said, adding that it is incumbent upon leaders to recognize their role in setting the tone. 

“Incidents of sexual harassment and other demeaning behaviors at the workplace indicate a failure of leadership,” she said. 

The full white paper can be found on the TAASA web site.

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