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Bloomberg Philanthropies Selects Irving for Data Initiative


Irving, Texas. January 17, 2018

Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer today announced that Irving has been selected as one of five new cities to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ national What Works Cities initiative – one of the largest-ever philanthropic efforts to enhance the use of data and evidence in the public sector. 

As a selected city, Irving will receive technical assistance from world-class experts to build its capacity to address local issues.

 “We are honored to have been chosen to participate in this renowned program. Irving is a dynamic city, and we believe Bloomberg Philanthropies’ national What Works Cities initiative will help fine tune our objectives and supercharge or progress,” said Stopfer. “Irving’s residents and business partners will benefit from this powerful philanthropic effort.”

The project will incorporate stakeholder feedback to make municipal data more accessible and engage residents around government priorities and services. Such practices demonstrate the city’s commitment to fostering an open and transparent government. In addition, Irving will work to enhance its ability to treat data as a strategic asset, and leverage it for reliable measurement and insights. The result will improve the effectiveness and equity of service delivery, while creating a positive and meaningful effect on the community.

For more information on the initiative, visit The report “What Works Cities: How Local Governments Are Changing Lives” summarizes cities’ accomplishments with the initiative.

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