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Irving Ranks Among Most Affordable Places to Live and Work


Irving, Texas. December 24, 2018

Irving is among three North Texas cities are among the most affordable places in the U.S. to work and live, according to a new study.

Fort Worth ranks highest, at No. 7, in business education website’s 25 Most Affordable Cities to Live and Work in 2019 report, which was released Monday. Irving follows at No. 21, and Dallas comes in at No. 22.

The study looked at 100 business-related jobs on and compared that to the average rent of a two-bedroom apartment on Fort Worth residents reported having 82 percent of salary left over after rent based on an average salary of $75,797 and average monthly rent of $1,108.

Irving residents, who make an average salary of $77,527, report having 79 percent of their paychecks left over after an average monthly rent of $1,327. Dallas has the highest average rent in the study, at $1,422 per month, but that balanced out with the highest average paycheck, at $82,609. Dallasites report they have 79 percent of their paycheck left after paying rent.

Other highlights from the study:

The average income left after rent is 81 percent
Texas had five cities in the top 25
The Midwest placed eight cities on the list
Tulsa, which topped the list, also had the cheapest average monthly rent, at $863 per month
To view the full list, click here., based in Cardiff by the Sea, Calif., informs students and professionals on careers, courses, degrees and jobs available in business, technology and health care.

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