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Science Fair Winners Advance to Regionals


Irving, Texas. February 5, 2019

The School of Biomedical Science at Irving High School hosted a Science Fair January 24, and 17 winners from that showcase have qualified for the Dallas Regional Science Fair, to be held February 23. Awards were given out to the top three projects, and partners UT Southwestern and North Lake College recognized a total of three projects for overall excellence. Photos from the event can be found here. The winners and their projects are:


  • Shanivi Srikonda – Morphological Gene Expression of bli-1 and dpy-11 in C. elegans
  • Isaac Ventura – Impact of pH on Biofuel Output

North Lake College Outstanding Presentation Award

  • Sanii King – Does the type of soil affect the amount of power a bacteria can produce in a Microbial Fuel Cell?

First Place

  • Leylani Martinez – Biodegradation Using Lumbricus Terrestris and Tenebrio Molitor

Second Place

  • Sara Losey and Genesys Chavez – The Effects of Oil on Marine Life

Third Place

  • Julie Juarez and Heidy Zarat – The Effects of Acid Rain on the Phaseolus Vulgaris Life Cycle

Honorable Mentions

  • Jean Luna Rojo – Can digestive enzymes replace lumbricus terrestris?
  • Claudia Lozano and Jenifer Argueta – Food Preservatives vs. Bacterial Growth
  • Erika Gamboa – E. Coli and Resistance in Different Environments
  • June Hernandez – The Nociceptive Effect of Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Lavandula Oil and NSAIDS on Lymnaea Stagnalis
  • Natalie Saucedo and Amy Videla – How do different types of feces affect a plant’s growth?
  • Julia Garcia and Saige Meads – Anti-Inflammation Results from Essential Oils vs. Ibuprofen on Earthworms

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