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Opinion: Delaware Creek Phase 3 Drainage Improvement Project


Irving, Texas. February 5, 2019

One of our readers, Timothy Norman, submitted the following opinion on the Delaware Creek Phase 3 Drainage Improvement Project:

Delaware Creek Phase 3 Drainage Improvement project is underway now. The City has been quite responsive to homeowners concerns, homeowner's outrage really, concerning the initially proposed felling of over 60 large trees along the Creek, so, the city is to be commended for their actions thus far, but decisions are still to be made concerning the excavation to be done bearing on the health and long term survival of a stand of 5 very large, 3' diameter, 50' high oak trees on a property directly adjacent to the NE extreme tip of Lively Park. Will the city do the right thing and use nail wall construction whuich requires MUCH less excavation, at this location thus ensuring the health of these trees, or will the city use block construction here requiring much more excavation and cause extensive damage to the root systems of these grand oaks? The decision is yet to be made as of late last week. Citizens who enjoy Lively Park and the beauty of these grand oaks should contact the city manager, parks superintendent,and project manager at once to voice your stance.

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