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Destination Imagination Heads to State


Irving, Texas. February 12, 2019

Irving ISD had an impressive showing at the Mid-Cities Destination Imagination regional tournament this weekend. The district brought several teams to compete in academic challenges in the areas of STEM, fine arts and service learning. In the end, four teams are advancing to state, which will take place in Corpus Christi March 22-23. The winning teams are:

  • Gilbert Elementary “Snotworms” - 1st place in scientific 
  • Singley Academy “Pollos Locos” - 1st place in scientific
  • Singley Academy “For Better or Worse” - 1st place in improvisational 
  • Singley Academy “The Salty Potatoes” - 1st place in service learning

A unique honor also came to MacArthur High School senior Alan Gonzalez, who attended the tournament solo after his team faced a scheduling conflict due to another competition. As a result, Gonzalez could not be scored as rules state teams must have at least two players present to compete. In spite of the technicality, Gonzalez took the stage in a jaw-dropping improvisation and finished to a standing ovation. The judges awarded him the Spirit of DI Award for his tenacity, superior performance and bravery. “Gonzalez wowed the audience in a tale that would normally take multiple actors to achieve,” the nomination read. “Rather than leaving, he chose to stay and exhibit the spirit of DI. Today, he was the ultimate role model.”

Highest Instant Challenge Scores

  • Davis Elementary “The Rockstars”
  • Hanes Elementary “Creative Gamers”
  • Johnson Middle School “Fibonacci Sequence” & “Monster Effects”
  • Irving High School “Chipmunk”

Technical (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 2nd place – Singley Academy “MYDM”
  • 3rd place – Singley Academy “Goofy Goobers”
  • 3rd place – Travis Middle School
  • 4th place – Elliott Elementary “Wizardly DI 5”
  • 4th place – Johnson Middle School “Fibonacci Sequence”
  • 5th place – Travis Middle School

Scientific (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 2nd place – MacArthur High School “ambivalent”
  • 3rd place – Lamar Middle School “PEEPS”
  • 3rd place – MacArthur High School “The Three Musketeers”
  • 4th place – Singley Academy “TILE”
  • 5th place – Irving High School
  • 6th place – Townsell Elementary “The Salty Ones”

Fine Arts (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 3rd place – Elliott Elementary “HERD”
  • 3rd place – Houston Middle School “Guava Mamas”
  • 4th place – Johnson Middle School
  • 4th Place – Singley Academy “Bling Bling Boiss”
  • 5th place – Houston Middle School “5 Stars”
  • 5th place – Singley Academy “Luna Chick”
  • 6th place – Bowie Middle School “Kangaroo Shoos”
  • 6th place – Good Elementary “TOY Tigers”

Improvisational (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 2nd place – MacArthur High School “Black Hole Bandits”
  • 3rd place – Lee Elementary “Look it Up Lions”
  • 3rd place – Irving High School “Hey, That Other Team”
  • 4th place – Lamar Middle School “The Unnknowns”
  • 5th place – Lamar Middle School “The Nerdy Birdy Trio”
  • 5th place – Lively Elementary “The Nifflers”

Engineering (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 3rd place – Irving High School “Chipmunk”
  • 3rd place – Lamar Middle School “The Panics”
  • 4th place – Farine Elementary “Narwhal Pie”
  • 4th place – Johnson Middle School
  • 4th place-  Singley Academy “Edgy Nerds”
  • 5th place – Singley Academy “Futuristic Frogs”
  • 6th place – Singley Academy “Wonder Women”

Service Learning (elementary, middle and secondary)

  • 3rd place – Bowie Middle School “Baguettes”
  • 3rd place – Houston Middle School “Your Mom”
  • 3rd place – Singley Academy “The Phoenix”
  • 4th place – Bowie Middle School “Team CLEAN”
  • 4th place – Irving High School
  • 4th place  - John Haley Elementary
  • 5th place – Singley Academy “ACDC”
  • 6th place – Schulze Elementary “The Green Machine”
  • 6th place – Singley Academy “Nine-Nine”

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