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Student Completes Associates Degree, Receives Scholarship Through Hard Work in Irving ISD Programs


Irving, Texas. February 20, 2019

Tour a school and they’ll usually let one of their star students lead the way -- and at Singley Academy that’s Steve Lomeli. What he's accomplished through Irving ISD programs has led to a scholarship at his dream school.

Steve is the student body president, a club leader, and he's taken more Advanced Placement classes than almost anyone in the history of Irving ISD.

"My freshman year I took one AP class and in my sophomore year three," Steve said.

Before long 12 AP classes were under his belt and to understand his motivation you have to head to his family's home in Irving where six kids sit around the table with his parents.

"My dad is the only one who works," Steve said.

His parents are from Mexico and the furthest they went in school was third grade.

"Ever since I was young my mom said education is what’s going to get you a successful future," he added.

His mother didn’t have to tell him paying for it would hurt, so Steve studied hard, took extra classes and was in school 12 hours a day.

The "A" student went to summer school, enrolled in AP and Dual Credit classes and in his senior year of high school he’s already finished more than two years of college. He's earned an associates degree thanks to Irving ISD’s Dual Credit program.

"We had one other student graduate last year with an associates degree from Singley Academy and this year we’re expecting seven students from Singley to graduate with an associates degree," said Jennifer Todd, Director of Guidance and Counseling for Irving ISD.

Paying for that last year and a half of school was still going to be a mountain for Steve. That is -- until officials at the University of Texas heard that they were his first choice school and came to Singley Academy for a visit with news of a scholarship.

"I see an abnormally large check," Steve said. "It says $48,000 and that moment completely changed my life in a way I couldn’t describe in words."

The feeling is mutual with his parents when they saw that the scholarship which would make the dream reality.

"As soon as he started to go to school, I knew he was going to be a smart guy and I couldn’t be more prouder than we are right now," said Rafael Lomeli, Steve's father.

Steve wants to work in computer science and maybe run an IT business one day.

His uncle gave him a computer back when he was just 7 years old, and that planted the seed.

He says he couldn’t have done it without those dual credit classes at Irving ISD.

Irving is a commuter district, meaning students don’t have to live in Irving to attend.

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