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McKinney ISD Spent $70 Million on New High School Stadium


Irving, Texas. March 5, 2019

Cities, counties, and ISDs around the state of Texas have been spending millions of taxpayer dollars senselessly and betraying taxpayer trust. Republican Party of Texas is raising awareness that this extravagance on the taxpayer dime has gone unchecked. McKinney ISD spent over $70 million taxpayer dollars to build a high school stadium, which immediately had foundation issues. Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented: 

“The amount of money wasted by Texas cities, counties, and ISDs is astonishing. They are spending money like a private slush fund and leaving the taxpayers with the tab. A striking example of this excessive spending is McKinney ISD spending $70 million on a new taxpayer-funded stadium. That is money that could have gone toward ensuring the highest quality education for students. That money could have been used to hire additional teachers to ensure each student gets the attention they need, or that money could have gone toward teacher pay raises to ensure educators are adequately compensated. The money spent by these taxing entities should go toward helping the hardworking taxpayers and students who call it home, not toward $70 million stadiums.”

“Deliberate abuses of taxpayers money like this must come to an end. These taxing entities must be held accountable for their gross misuse of our trust, and our tax dollars.”

Submitted by Texas GOP

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