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Irving Woman Dead After Pitbull Attack


Irving, Texas. March 24, 2019

An Irving woman has died from injuries after being attacked by her own dogs.  33-year-old, Johana Villafane, was pronounced deceased at Parkland Hospital.

The story is still unfolding, but Irving Police reports that officers where dispatched to a veterinary clinic in N. O'Connor Road to assist the Irving Fire Department who had been summoned on reports of a woman needing medical attention.   Clinic staff reported that the dog owner has been attacked by her two pit bull terriers and appeared to be seriously injured.  Both staff and paramedics attempted to intervene and rescue the owner but the dogs continued to exhibit aggressive behavior.

Irving officers tried to help the victim but were unable to reach her on time.  According to the police officers, "due to the dogs continued aggression, an officer discharged his duty weapon striking and killing both dogs."

The initial investigation revealed the dogs had been quarantined at the vet clinic for observation due to a recent biting.  The owner had come to the clinic to feed the dogs and was outside in an exercise area when the attack occurred.

Irving police continue their investigation into this sad incident along with the Animal Services Division.




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