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Irving Fire Department "Blocker" Unit Saves Lives of First Responders


Irving, Texas. April 7, 2019

Irving Fire Department’s “Blocker” program – in which old fire trucks are converted into traffic diversion units to protect emergency workers at freeway accident scenes – may have saved the lives of first responders this past March.

Blocker Unit # 8 was destroyed when a car ran a flare line at the scene of a rollover accident on Westbound State Highway 183 near Loop 12 about 6:15 AM. The car slammed into the blocker, trapping the driver, who was freed from the wreckage just before her car burst into flames. She was taken to Parkland with serious injuries.

“Irving Fire’s blocker program is a game changer for our first responders,” tweeted Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey. “This program saves lives.”

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