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US 287 Redesign and Improving East-West Mobility in the Corridor in Tarrant County


Irving, Texas. July 2, 2019

Tarrant County elected officials met with Texas transportation leaders to review the various challenges and plans to address the situation with the US 287 corridor between US 287/I-35W and US 287/Tarrant County line. Among the elected officials present were State Representative Matt Krause (, Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes (, Fort Worth Councilmember Carlos Flores (, and Fort Worth Councilmember Dennis Shingleton ( Transportation officials included North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), TxDOT Regional Staff, Tarrant County staff, City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works (TPW) staff, and the North Fort Worth Alliance.

The focus of the meeting was to discuss the redesign on US 287 service roads, address nearby infrastructure needs, and explore an increase in capacity on east and west City and County roads. The group will meet again in September to review progress and further update the plan. Ultimately, the resulting coordinated plans would be presented to the Regional Transportation Council, city residents, and other funding sources to obtain funds to construct those solutions.

“It is great to see the four entities recognizing and responding to the growth spurt and planned future development of homes and businesses in the 287 corridor. The improvements to 287 can facilitate desperately needed opportunities for solutions to the east-west mobility for those on both sides of 287, while enhancing the transportation corridor toward the Panhandle,” said Rusty Fuller, President of the North Fort Worth Alliance.

Currently, TxDOT states it is thirty percent done with a schematic strategy for redesigning the service roads, adding two new travel lanes and redesigning the Avondale Haslet interchange. TxDOT plans on holding public meetings in Fall 2019 to review designs with residents, businesses, and landowners to gain feedback to improve the corridor. Depending on available funding and environmental clearance, operational improvements could begin as early as 2021.

With Commissioner Fickes' leadership, transportation groups have started to indicate their resolve to remedy the issues in this corridor. NCTCOG has already committed funds to the construction project. Fort Worth TPW has begun bringing forward studies and solutions to improve east-west traffic flow that were heretofore unavailable due to the existing infrastructure.

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