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Irving ISD Expands After-School Program with YMCA


Irving, Texas. September 8, 2019

Irving ISD and the YMCA are teaming up to expand the Y’s after-school program to all elementary schools.  The YMCA currently operates its after-school program at seven of the district’s campuses.

The after-school program is available to Irving ISD parents Monday through Friday from 3:15 – 6:30 p.m. at a cost of $25 per week, per child.  Early dismissal days are included, free of charge.

The $25 fee will include a healthy snack, homework help and fun activities, all with trained staff.

The program will be launched on a staggered schedule beginning September 3 with Brandenburg, Britain, Brown, Farine and Schulze elementary schools.  On September 9, the program will extend to Davis and Good.  On September 16, Barton, Gilbert, Keyes, John Haley, Hanes and Stipes will begin offering the program.

Registration is online, and parents who sign up before November 1 will have the $50 registration fee waived.  To register online, visit and search for your child’s campus location by city and school name.  A debit/credit card is required on file as campuses will not accept payments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a minimum enrollment for the program?
A minimum enrollment of 23 students is needed to run the program at each site.

Q: How is payment accepted?
When registering online, parents will be asked to provide a debit/credit card to put on file for payment. This card will be automatically drafted every Wednesday to cover the upcoming week. For payment questions, please contact the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.

Q: Can I submit registration and/or payment to my child’s school?
No, campus staff will not accept payment for the program. Please register online at No paper forms are available at the front office.

Q: Why is the $50 registration fee showing up in my shopping cart?
If registering before November 1, the fee will be waived on the back end once you check-out.

Q: Why did I not receive an email confirmation?
Once submitted, an order confirmation should immediately appear on your screen. It may take up to 24 hours for a confirmation email to be generated through the Y’s online system.

Q: My student was previously bused to Johnston Elementary to attend the  program at that campus. Will this continue?
No, students from Brandenburg and Farine who attended the program at Johnston will now stay at their home campus. NOTE: the list of school sites will be updated on Wednesday, August 28, to include Farine which is currently not listed as an option.

Q: What grade levels are eligible?
The program is for students in grades K-5. Those enrolled in Brandenburg’s tuition-based PreK after-school program will continue.

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