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Irving Teen Giving Focus to Online Security and Learning


Irving, Texas. October 23, 2019

Shivani Devaiah Ganesh is not your everyday teen.  Shivani is the founder of two websites that focus on cyber security and online training.   

As the CEO and founder of CyberSafeHorizon, Shivani has been able to meet a lot of amazing leaders and has been able to learn greatly from them. She was invited to speak at the Cyber Future Foundation by Shawn Tuma, its General Counsel and Founding Trustee and World renowned Cybersecurity Lawyer to speak about Online Safety for kids. She was also invited by Senator Rick Santorum to meet with him and to attend the Cyber Security Summit in Boston, MA and learned so much from him both about cybersecurity challenges and about leadership, which was extremely valuable especially coming from someone who ran for the United States Presidential office in 2016. Shivani also met with Senator Ted Cruz to discuss about cyber safety education.

Shivani also conceptualized and designed a simple and powerful cloud-based Learning Management System as an off-shoot of the online cybersecurity education service she created to help children of her own age— children and young adults. Her search for an LMS that can help her easily create and upload her Cyber Security courses, revealed that there were very few which met her needs. She converted this challenge in to opportunity and designed Danyube, an LMS that a course creator would look for and a learner would love to use. She strongly believes that this tool will help her as well as others who are striving hard to provide education to children across the globe.

Shivani graduated from The Hockaday School this year and has already began her college courses.   

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