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Irving Water Utilities Addresses High Bills


Irving, Texas. December 3, 2019

Resident satisfaction is top of mind for the City of Irving Water Utilities Department.

Recently, Irving residents may have noticed an increase in their water bill. This is due to the effects of a hot and dry summer that extended through September. Typically, water bills increase during the summer months as irrigation increases. Bills then begin to drop in the fall as temperatures, and the need to irrigate, decrease. The unusually hot and dry weather in September caused customers to continue to irrigate heavily. This was reflected throughout the city as Irving’s overall water usage for the month was significantly higher than usage in September 2018. The city sends out bills a month after the water is used, so customers are now seeing the impacts of heavy irrigation in late August and September.

While increased water bills are common in Texas’ summer months, tools are available and continue to be improved to help residents manage their water usage and resulting costs. In October, the city launched Capricorn, a new online Utility Billing Customer Portal. The site allows customers to view their data online, as well as establish new service, change their address, sign up for paperless billing and receive tips on improving water consumption.

Additional customer water usage data will be available on the portal in 2020, after the Water Utilities Department’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure project has been completed. Water Utilities customers will be able to monitor their daily usage, along with their water consumption history. The city hopes the additional information will provide residents and business owners with an enhanced customer service experience.

Residents and business owners can sign up for the system at

For more information on the recent increase, view the Water Utilities Billing Background FAQ

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