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Protecting Wildlife at Jaycee Park


Irving, Texas. December 3, 2019

The City of Irving is committed to providing a safe and secure home to all residents, including the many species of wildlife that live in the parks and open spaces around the city.

A number of residents have contacted the City concerning the ducks and geese at Jaycee Park. The Upper Delaware Creek drainage improvement project is underway. Part of the project requires work on the retention pond at the park. Before work began, aquatic life was relocated to other bodies of water. However, the ducks and geese are federally protected and can not be moved without a permit. The City works with Texas Parks and Wildlife, which discourages relocating or feeding the birds because of the potential to spread disease. Experts recommend allowing the birds to move on naturally.

For additional information on waterfowl requirements in Texas, contact Texas Parks and Wildlife at (972) 293-3841.

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