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Irving Police Offering Home Vacation Watch


Irving, Texas. July 17, 2020

Residents who are planning a vacation this summer are encouraged to sign up for free “Vacation Watch” residential security checks. This free service from the Irving Police Department will provide inspections of the accessible exterior of registered homes.

Officers will check registered residences while homeowners are out of town. While police cannot guarantee they will be able to check residences on specific times or dates, officers will make every effort to perform as many security checks allowed by workload.

Following are some additional tips for keeping the home safe when away for extended periods of time.

  • Make sure the house looks “lived in” while away; stop mail and cancel all deliveries, or ask a friend to make daily collections.
  • Leave shades and blinds in normal positions.
  • Put an automatic timer on several lights and radio.
  • Have a trusted neighbor keep property maintained.
  • Leave a key with a trusted neighbor.
  • Store valuables in a safe deposit box.  
  • Share departure and return dates with a trusted neighbor; provide itinerary and emergency contact information. 
  • Lock all windows, doors and double-check garage doors before departure.

To sign up, visit the Vacation Watch page.

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