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Irving Staple Captain Nemo's Subs will be Closing Forever on December 31st

I am sad to report Captain Nemo's decision to close its doors forever on December 31, 2020.   Captain Nemo's has the best subs I've ever had.  Good enough for me to drive at lunch from Fort Worth to Irving just to enjoy a sizzling steak and cheese sandwich.   Back in the early 2000's I lived for 9 months in another country where American food was not available.   Upon arriving at DFW Airport, my first stop was Captain Nemo. 

Captain Nemo's has been at the corner of Grauwyler Rd and Irving Heights Dr for decades.   You regularly see police officers, firefighters and mailmen there eating lunch and they know good food.  

From Captain Nemo's facebook page:

"The year 2020 has certainly been one that we would love to forget but one that will surely live on in our memories for years to come. Captain Nemo’s has been a part of our lives for longer than many can recall. For more than 47 years, we have served the people of Irving and others outside of our community who return for the great taste that you have all come to expect when you step foot into our humble home."

"It has been a lifetime of labor and love for us as we have come to expect that every day we would get out of bed, prepare for our day, step through the front doors and repeat the process that brings Captain Nemo’s to life one more time. We have friends who have blessed us with their patronage since the first day that the Captain flipped the sign from Closed to Open and began the legacy that would span nearly 5 decades. We have had the pleasure of calling many of you our “Crewmates” and surely there are several who will read this who can tell us of countless great memories that they crafted while working with us to serve and feed our great community. For this, we are eternally grateful and honored to have shared these memories with you."

"Due to the difficulties during Covid-19, we have come to the point in our lives where we realize that we cannot continue the daily grind required, physically and financially, to keep things rolling along as they are. We have explored the possibility of finding someone to continue our legacy but have not found a suitable path to this end."

"Therefore, it is with heavy hearts and exhaustive consideration, that we are announcing that Captain Nemo’s will be bringing an end to this amazing journey and we will close our doors and turning OFF the OPEN sign for the last time on December 31st, 2020. We cannot express our gratitude for your support over the years and your undying loyalty. Please stop in to enjoy these last days with us and share your memories. The interaction with our people over the years has made this truly an amazing experience that words cannot fully express. We love you all and we are truly honored to have shared our story, our food, and our lives with you. Thank you and God bless you".

From the comments in their facebook post, it looks like I'm not the only one saddened by this news.

"This truly breaks my heart. I have such great memories of my dad bringing this home when we where kids .. he has been gone for 25 yrs now and I always always stop here if I am in Irving", posted Selena Robinson

"Say it isn't so. My favorite place to eat in all of Texas thanks to my dad Robert Bullard for introducing me to ther great steak and cheese Nemo's sandwich. I wish nothing but the best for the Captain's crew... I have to get up to Irving one last time", posted Brandon Bullard

"What!? Yall have been a pillar in the Irving community for food! Smh.. this should be a land mark food spot and the city Irving should do whatever it take to help yall stay open!", posted Fred Mendez

We feel your pain.  Could we save Captain Nemo's?   We could try...   #savecaptainnemos

Captain Nemo's website


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