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Unusual Number of Trucks Lining Up on SH161 and Esters Rd Causing Traffic Issues


Irving, Texas. December 9, 2020

Lines of trucks parked on the side of Esters Rd between Pioneer Rd and Conflans Rd have been reported since last week.   SH161 has seen slow traffic due to the unusual number of trucks.  

According to Irving Police, these issues are the result of a "not-so-normal holiday season" at a warehouse located on SH161 and Conflans Rd.

"We are aware of the delivery truck back up on SH 161 & Conflans. During a “normal” holiday season this warehouse would handle about 250 trucks per day. With this being a not-so-normal holiday season the warehouse is loading and unloading around 1000 trucks per day causing the backup. The increase is due to the influx of online holiday shopping. The US Postal service is doing the best they can to make sure your packages arrive on time. Irving Police is assisting with traffic control and additional locations are being opened to alleviate the traffic congestion. Thank you for your patience and understanding." - Irving Police Statement


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