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Injured Irving Firefighter Aaron Donohue Released from Hospital


Irving, Texas. December 11, 2020

The Irving Police Department issued a statement on Irving Firefighter Aaron Donohue.

"The Irving Police Department is happy to announce that Irving Firefighter Aaron Donohue has been released from the hospital this afternoon. The outpouring of support for Aaron, his family, and the Irving Fire Department has been overwhelming. Please continue to keep Aaron in your thoughts and prayers during his road to recovery."

As previously reported, Donohue was seriously injured on December 6 while helping on an accident scene on SH183.   He was hit by a 2016 Dodge Challenger travelling the wrong way.  

23-year old Yajaira Estrada Calderon of Arlington was arrested and charged for Intoxication Assault.

Earlier today, Irving Poice, posted an update from Donhue's mother:

“Well, we have had a fantastic day . He has passed his swallowing test today and then he walked for 400 yards. He has spoken in complete sentences and asked us what happened, then asked if he was going to be okay. We still have a major road ahead of us, but we are headed in the right direction. He started coming around speech-wise around 3:15 am. Before that, no talking at all, just groaning. He says his pain is zero...he has two brain bleeds, and a thoracic fracture. Three firefighters came to see him last night that were at the scene when he got hit, and all three got on their knees and prayed over him and cried and told us there was no way he should be alive. Two policemen from the scene came and prayed over him and said they watched the video from six different cameras of accident and had to come see for themselves that he was alive. So golly, we are overwhelmed with joy and blessed and have been so loved through this mess. Firefighter families from all over have sent cards, food, baskets, gift cards, gas money, letters...two guys from the Abilene fire house came yesterday just to pray over him. The city manager of Irving told us he would never be alone and they have one or two guys at a time sitting at the door around the clock for whatever I need. And yesterday was a really rough day. We can’t thank you enough for the prayers...don’t stop. We have a lot ahead of us still. The fire Captain told me this morning that he’s had calls from all over the United States and Canada from fire stations. A brotherhood that is tight. Trauma doctors said they can’t believe it. That it’s phenomenal, and we said we believe it, because it’s a miracle.”

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