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Irving Fire Dept Handles Emergency Situation on Esters Blvd


Irving, Texas. December 12, 2020

On Saturday morning, December 12, the Irving Fire Department responded to a punctured 4-inch gas line at 8400 Esters Blvd.   The first emergency personnel were on-scene at 9:29 a.m.   Five pieces of emergency equipment were sent to the scene.  The good news is that there were no injuries to civilians nor first responders.

After the innitial investigation, it was determined that a construction compoany cut a 4-inch gas line.  Fire department personnel were evacuating near by buildings and the intersections of W. Royal Lines/Esters Blvd and Esters Blvd/Exchange were blocked by IPD.    Irving Fire Department's HazMat team responded to the scene.  Atmos Energy has been notified and is sending technicians to the scene.  

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