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Irving Rep. Meza Files Bill to Make it Easier for Seniors to Renew SNAP Benefits


Irving, Texas. February 1, 2021

State Rep. Terry Meza (Irving) announced this month, that she had filed House Bill 1019 which will make it easier for individuals over 60 years of age to renew their SNAP (food stamp) benefits.

Rep. Meza filed similar legislation during the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature. The bill passed out of committee and was placed on the House Calendar for a vote. However, the 86th Legislature adjourned before the bill could be called to the House floor.

HB 1011 will amend the Texas Human Resources Code to require the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to develop and implement simplified Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) certification requirements.

"This legislation will allow those over the age of 60 to be subject to simplified verification and recertification requirements, including a shortened application form," said Rep. Terry Meza, a second-term member of the Texas House of Representatives who represents Irving and Grand Prairie.

"Being on the lower end of the income scale in Texas is time consuming, especially for older Texans," Meza said. "This bill, when passed, will allow individuals over 60 to remain SNAP-eligible for 36 months after each certification or re-certification," Meza said.

Meza noted that 11,737 people between 60 and 64 are on SNAP in Dallas County as of December 2020, according to statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. That number increases to 23,162 for people over 65.

Statewide, Meza noted, 120,898 people between 60 and 64 received SNAP benefits in December, while 279,477 people over age 65 received benefits for the same period.

For her work on this bill during the 86th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature in 2019, Meza was recognized by Feeding America and the North Texas Food Bank for her advocacy.

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