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Texas Gun Rights Applauds Constitutional Carry Law

Texas Gun Rights applauds signing of Texas Constitutional Carry law H.B. 1927.

Texas becomes the twenty-first state to remove the requirement for law-abiding citizens to obtain a government permission slip to carry a firearm.

“Texas is finally a pro-gun state despite years of foot-dragging, roadblocks, and excuses from the spineless political class,” said TXGR Executive Director Chris McNutt, “I’m proud of the work grassroots gun owners have put in to get Texas Constitutional Carry finally signed into law.”

McNutt and Texas Gun Rights are joined by the National Association for Gun Rights and pro-gun Texans in celebrating this long awaited pro-gun legislation.

“It is truly stunning that it took gutless legislators literally years to muster the courage to pass a Constitutional Carry bill that TWENTY other states already have as law of the land,” said NAGR President Dudley Brown, “Texas should have led the way on Constitutional Carry instead of being so late to the party.”

Chris McNutt, Texas Gun Rights, and the National Association for Gun Rights mobilized hundreds of thousands of pro-gun Texans – having them sign petitions, make calls, and lobby legislators in Austin in favor of firearms freedom.

H.B. 1927 takes effect on September 1, 2021.

Texas Gun Rights and the National Association for Gun Rights thank their members and Rep. Matt Schaefer for their tireless efforts to restore gun rights to the state of Texas.


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